Fresh Glow Kit

  • $39.00

What is it?

Our Fresh Glow Kit is a Hyaluronic acid serum plus B5, and loaded with vitamin C power.

Our vitamin C booster powder is a powdered supplement for your face. It helps to boost your collage, fight against sun damage, and firm up the skin. It dissolves and activates into your existing moisturizer or face serum.

Vitamin C is usually an unstable ingredient that easily degrades, and loses its benefits. But since it’s such a powerhouse for your skin, we use it in a powder form. Unlike some liquid vitamin C products, using our unique formula, it’s guaranteed fresh and effective from start to finish. Seamlessly mix it into any of your other products you use daily.

Our Hyaluronic acid is vegan and organic. It draws moisture into the skin with it when it's applied, giving you that deep moisturization your skin has been craving. Prevent dryness, and keep that healthy glow alive.


  • More youthful, firmer skin
  • Lessens  visible fine lines
  • Decreases appearance of wrinkles
  • Boosts collagen