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Glow and Soothe-Beauty Pops Exclusive bundle

  • $62.00
  • $78.00

Our newest bundle features two Beauty Pop products!

Original GlowEnzyme Frozen Mask

🍃 Nature's Best Kept Beauty Secret.

Unveil your skin's innate luminosity with our Original Glow Mask. Lovingly crafted with a potent blend of superfoods - papaya, banana, turmeric, and aloe vera, this mask promises more than just a radiant glow.

Experience gentle exfoliation, a firming embrace, and deep nourishment all in one. Dive into this rejuvenating ritual and let your skin bask in its newfound radiance. Your naturally luminous complexion awaits. ✨

Soothing Barrier Frozen Serum

🌿 Crafted in the Heart of Korea.

Experience the tranquility of nature with our Soothing Barrier Frozen Serum. Specifically formulated to shield and calm irritated skin, this gentle serum swiftly diminishes inflammation and redness.

Infused with the pure essence of cucumber, aloe, green tea, and calendula, every drop is a testament to nature's healing power. Enriched with ceramides, it fortifies your skin's natural barrier while delivering deep hydration.

Embrace this Beauty Pop as a lightweight, leave-on serum that not only nourishes but restores serenity to your skin. ✨

The Glow + Soothe Beauty Pop Bundle includes:

  • Beauty Pop Glow Enzyme Frozen Mask jar: Illuminate your complexion with this skin-loving formula.

  • Beauty Pop Soothing Barrier Frozen Serum bottle: Calm and protect for a serene, healthy glow.

  • Beauty Pop Frozen Tray: To create your .

  • Accessory Tools: Including a spoon and spatula to measure the Glow mask powder

  • Exclusive Branded Green Jelly Bag: Perfectly designed to hold all of your beauty products at home and when you're traveling.


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