Ice Mask extra tray

  • $20.00

What is a Beauty Ice Mask Tray?

(Does not include Beauty Pop mask)

Tray for Beauty Pops Ice Mask. Freeze two more beauty pops to keep in the freezer!  

*Beauty Pops Kit comes with tray.  The purchase of this extra tray lets you have extra Beauty Pops frozen at the same time! 

How does a Beauty Ice Mask Tray for Cryotherapy Facial work?

  • Holds Beauty Pops and allows you to freeze our Beauty Pops Face mask into cryo facial Beauty Pops!
  • Beauty Pops sticks allow for easy handling of frozen Beauty Pops while you experience the superfoods mask on your face.  
  • Silicone molds allows easy removal of freshly frozen Beauty Pops from tray!
  • Removable silicone trays allows for easy clean up after use.

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